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We develop high-power, low-frequency, groundwave solutions that are your best alternative to the sky.

UrsaNav's Information Solutions Division Evolves to Tagence

Announcing a Brand New World of Opportunity


One of our many strengths is our ability to be nimble and flexible with solving our customer’s problems and delivering the right mix of technology with a human touch. It makes perfect sense that we would also look at our own identity with a similar approach to how we support managing data intelligently. That’s why, we are privileged to announce that as of August 1, UrsaNav’s Information Solutions Business Unit, is changing its brand to Tagence – to better serve you.
We are strengthening our values with a new name and vision. Tagence is strengthened by over 11 years of growth and success with a strong engineering and IT foundation. While having a far reach has served the team well, moving into the future, Tagence is focusing our business in order to better serve our customers and employees.
Our dedicated leadership and expertise behind solving problems with the right technology and solutions remain, while retaining strong relationships with the customers we proudly serve.