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  • Out-of-the-box thinking results in scalable, in-the-box solutions.

    Our eLoran suite consists of the smallest size, weight, and input power technology currently available. Our partnership with Nautel allows us to deliver unmatched levels of efficiency and redundancy in the smallest, yet most sophisticated, fully solid-state eLoran transmitters available. When coupled with our Timing and Frequency, Command and Control, Differential Reference Station, and ASF Survey equipment, you are choosing a turn-key solution to your complementary PNT needs.

GPS is the gold-standard for the provision of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT). When GPS/GNSS is available and trustworthy, you should use it. What do you do when it’s not available or not trustworthy? As the global market leader in continent-wide Complementary PNT solutions, we have developed high-power, Low-Frequency (LF), ground wave technology that is the most reliable, scalable, and future-proof available. Besides PNT, we can also provide phase, frequency, and azimuth, and even 3rd-Party Data Channel solutions. Our technology is fully interoperable with, yet completely independent of, GPS/GNSS. We offer “sky-free” PNT directly to users, or as an enabler of other technologies.

Our Technology



Our personnel contributed to the development of Enhanced Loran (eLoran) in the U.S., and around the world, and the hardware, software, and firmware technology that makes it happen.



We have been involved in every major technology improvement in Loran-C since 1975, and our personnel have been involved in installing, upgrading, modernizing, and/or relocating almost every Loran-C facility in the world.


“T3” Solutions

Looking for Temporary, Transportable, or Tactical (“T3”) solutions? We’ve “been there and done that” as well.



What’s the future look like after eLoran? We’ve been thinking about the Next Generation of LF for years, and have already developed the concepts and the technology for the next phase of Loran-like, but not necessarily Loran, PNT solutions.

From Concept to Reality: T3 Deployable Solutions

UrsaNav’s advanced eLoran technology allows for new ways to package and deploy eLoran systems. Our innovative “T3” or Temporary, Transportable, or Tactical solutions, include transmitters installed in air transportable containers; antennas that are transportable and deployable within 24 hours; and custom solutions that include everything needed to deploy one or more eLoran transmitting sites to a remote location.

Check out the video below to see our T3 solution in action.