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Why UrsaNav?

Hundreds of years ago, explorers charting a course for the New World were out to find a better life. They dreamed of finding a place filled with untapped resources that could be used to make a better life for themselves and their posterity.

How did these pioneers of exploration find their way?

By embodying the same principle that UrsaNav uses as its guiding belief today:

Follow the Stars!

The UrsaNav Philosophy at Work

Just like these early explorers, UrsaNav believes that by exploring all possibilities and pushing existing boundaries, it is possible to find new solutions that benefit society as a whole.

Over the years, we have applied this principle to several technological realms and have seen incredible transformations as a result. Our spirit of exploration and innovation has allowed us to secure a unique position as the world’s leading supplier of wide-area, assured positioning, navigation, and timing technology.

The UrsaNav team consists of individuals who have many decades of experience working with precision navigation. We are the only professionals in the world who can consistently provide navigation and timing services on a global scale using our eLoran technology, which can cover areas up to two million square miles!

What UrsaNav Brings to Every Project

We’re proud to say that we stand alone in our market, but this isn’t the only factor that separates us from our competitors.

UrsaNav stands by its dedication to our customers. By creating collaborative project goals and making sure that we approach every professional undertaking with the goal of turning problems into solutions and ideas into execution, we deliver an uncompromising level of quality the way that our clients need us to.

Our company isn’t just a provider of technological solutions. UrsaNav is a global partner for governments, federal and military, and critical infrastructure providers looking to attain the type of stability and accuracy needed to keep navigation and timing on track.