Why UrsaNav?

Follow the facts and let us lead your investment in trusted time and trusted position.

UrsaNav is globally known and respected as  the  subject matter experts, industry leaders, makers of the market, and even the most seasoned team for Low-Frequency PNT solutions. We like to simply say… the  numbers  tell our story.

Our personnel have considerable experience in Low Frequency program management, operations, engineering, training, depot-level, and life-cycle support. Our expertise includes OMEGA; Loran-C; Loran-D; Enhanced Loran (eLoran); LFPhoenix™; Maritime, Nationwide, and High-Accuracy DGPS; and LF and VLF broadcast solutions.

If you are considering a new or upgraded Low-Frequency PNT solution, we can provide every aspect of the provider or user experience, from Legacy System Transformation through advanced LFPhoenix™ systems.

Below are showcased some of the successes our staff has in providing Loran and eLoran products and services:

  • Significant experience with all models of Tube-Type Transmitters (TTX), government Solid-State Transmitters (SSX), commercial SSX (Accufix 6500), new SSX (NSSX) (Accufix 7500), and Nautel NL Series Loran transmitters.
  • Provided technology for, and was part of the East Coast Loran Modernization Program (Caribou, ME; Nantucket, MA; Carolina Beach, NC; Jupiter, FL; Baudette, MN).
  • Provided technology for, and was part of the FAA’s Mid-Continent Expansion Program (Havre, MT; Gillette, WY; Las Cruces, NM; Boise City, OK; TRACEN Petaluma, CA.)
  • Provided technology for, and was part of the SSX Installation Program (Seneca, NY; Malone, FL; Grangeville, LA; Raymondville, TX; Port Hardy, BC).
  • Provided technology for, and was part of the Canadian SSX Modernization Program (Fox Harbour, NL; Comfort Cove, NL; Cape Race, NL).
  • Modernized and upgraded 14 LORSTAs in the United States, Italy, Guam, and Canada.
  • Performed new ground-up installations at eight Loran Stations (LORSTAs).
  • Successfully completed “side-by-side” equipment replacements at six LORSTAs.
  • Relocated LORSTA Yap to Guam.
  • Developed the Control Center, Monitor Site, and LORSTA upgrades for the North American Loran system (29 LORSTAs; 30 Monitor Sites; five Control Centers; Training Center, California; Navigation Center, Virginia; Navigation Center, California; Supply Center, Maryland; and Loran Support Unit, New Jersey).
  • First Program Manager for Congressionally Mandated $160+M Loran Modernization and Upgrade Program – developed the road map for the Program; designed and developed all of the technology upgrades for the Program.
  • Modernized, upgraded, repurposed, relocated and/or combined six Control Sites into two.
  • Conducted the first Eurofix tests in the United States.
  • Co-developed the first Loran Data Channel techniques.
  • Managed the Timing and Frequency Equipment development program that became a contract with Timing Solutions Corporation (subsequently Symmetricom and Microsemi).
  • Managed the Locus LAD LRS IIID receiver development program. Years later, purchased the assets of Locus, Inc.
  • Developed the first eLoran timing receiver to meet stringent telecommunications requirements.
  • Extensive experience with Far East Radio Navigation Service (FERNS) and former Northern European Loran System (NELS).
  • Experience with Chinese Loran and Russian Chayka stations.
  • Designed, developed, installed, and tested an eLoran Transmission system at a temporary location near Incheon, ROK.

What UrsaNav Brings to Every Project

We trace our Loran roots back to the early 1970’s. We have the most experience and expertise, both in the past and today. Recent entrants, or re-entrants, into the Loran market have web sites that repost articles and news developed by others, tout expertise in other markets, or claim unproven technology. UrsaNav has been fully engaged in remaking the global markets for Loran since the U.S. Government terminated its Loran-C program in 2010 and NELS terminated most of its operations in 2015.

We are committed to improving the operational capabilities of our signal provider and end-user customers. We excel at bringing all the resources together in a collaborative fashion: customers, users, vendors, and academia. We ensure that we approach every professional undertaking with the goal of turning problems into solutions and ideas into execution. We deliver an uncompromising level of product and services quality.

Our company is not just a provider of technological solutions. UrsaNav is a global partner for governments, federal and military, and critical infrastructure providers looking to attain the type of stability and accuracy needed to keep navigation and timing on track.