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March 2021 – UrsaNav’s CEO, Charles Schue, and Board of Advisors Member, Dr. Wouter Pelgrum, have the pleasure of announcing that the long awaited Two-Volume Set entitled “Position, Navigation, and Timing Technologies in the 21st Century, Volumes 1 and 2: Integrated Satellite Navigation, Sensor Systems, and Civil Applications, Set 1st Edition” is now available. Chapter 41 provides historical and current information on “Navigation with Low-Frequency Radio Systems”, and also provides a peek into what may be coming in the future. Given the authorship of this chapter, it naturally includes a comprehensive study of Loran-C and Enhanced Loran systems. We are extremely honored to have been selected to participate in this incredibly important and comprehensive project that showcases all the various technologies necessary for a resilient PNT ecosystem. The work is available from Wiley ( and other fine outlets.

March 2021 – UrsaNav comments on the recently released “Complementary PNT and GPS Backup Technologies Demonstration Report – DOT Report Number DOT-VNTSC-20-07 dated January 2021.”

In June 2020, UrsaNav completed delivery of an eLoran Transmission system at a temporary location near Incheon, ROK.
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Find us at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX), Abu Dhabi, UAE – February 17-21, 2019.

In collaboration with the General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland (GLA), UrsaNav provided an article for the Royal Institute of Navigation’s Navigation News Magazine entitled: “The Resilience Series: Ground-Based Navigation Systems”. Please read the excerpted article here and be sure to sign in to read it on the RIN’s website:

Find us at the ION International Technical Meeting (ITM) / Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) Conference in Reston, VA – January 28-31, 2019.

Charles Schue appointed to the Institute of Navigation (ION) Council – January 28, 2019.

Charles Schue co-authored the Low Frequency Radio Navigation chapter of the Position, Navigation, and Timing Technologies in the 21st Century: Integrated Satellite Navigation, Sensor Systems, and Civil Applications book edited by Jade Morton, Frank van Diggelen, James Spilker, Bradford Parkinson, with associate editors Sherman Lo and Grace Gao. The book was recently announced on Wiley Publications’ website.

ROK eLoran Contract Award – The Korea Research Institute of Ships and Oceans Engineering (KRISO) has awarded UrsaNav, through its agent, Dong Kang M-Tech, a contract to supply an eLoran Transmitter Test Bed System in the Republic of Korea. Read More

UrsaNav is pleased to be working with Spectracom on the development of this exciting new timing product. It demonstrates the market’s demand and the importance companies have started to place on resilient timing solutions for critical operations and infrastructure. Read More