UrsaNav’s personnel have been providing Loran-C and eLoran technology services to the global community since the 1970’s. Our personnel have been involved in every major technological advance in global Loran and eLoran systems since 1970. We have considerable experience in installing, operating, and supporting Loran and eLoran systems. We were awarded the John M. Beukers Award for Technical Innovation at the 38th International Loran Association Conference in Portland, ME, for our participation with Nautel in the development of an innovative new Loran-C and eLoran transmitter.

In 2010, UrsaNav began purchasing the assets of Loran receiver manufacturers that were affected by the United States’ announcement to terminate its Loran-C service that year. Acquisitions included Locus, CrossRate Technologies, and Plutargus. In 2012, UrsaNav agreed to purchase the assets of Megapulse, a long-time and well-known “full-service” Loran technology provider. The technology and personnel that these companies added to UrsaNav’s already considerable talent resulted in a formidable business focused on the provision of advanced LF solutions worldwide.

Our Technology Suite Includes: