UN series eLoran transmission system

The UN series eLoran transmission system is a complete system built to provide multi-modal, secure, and sovereign Navigation and Timing Services. It functions where and when GPS does not while providing similar service as GPS. It is extremely difficult to jam and virtually impossible to spoof. Both The MITRE Corporation and Stanford University have published papers declaring eLoran difficult to interfere with and tremendously challenging to jam or spoof.

UrsaNav eLoran transmission systems have fully built-in redundancy of all critical components and hot swappable devices for the fastest Mean-Time to Repair (MTTR). The system comes standard with a triple primary reference clock ensemble for ultra-high precision and a simple, easy-to-use and redundant automated control and monitor system that supports completely unmanned or autonomous operations.

The UN-2000 consists of multiple redundant sets of equipment with self-diagnostic, monitoring and fail-safe switchover capabilities to meet the availability, continuity, integrity and accuracy requirements for the eLoran transmission component. The UN-2000 typically consists of a:

  • UN-460 UTC Master Timing Reference (Quantity of 2),
  • UN-450 eLoran Timing Generator (Quantity of 2),
  • UN-170 Integrated Monitor and Control Set (Quantity of 2),
  • UN-180 Loran Data Channel Generator (Quantity of 2),
  • UN-156 eLoran Monitor Receiver (Quantity of 2), and
  • Primary Reference Source (Quantity of 3).

The UN-2000 also includes ancillary support equipment, such as battery backup, and all required software for full eLoran capability. The optional eLoran Encoder Assembly (UN-470) allows for providing a fully private eLoran service.

The UN-2000 has been designed to integrate, monitor, and control the Nautel NL Series eLoran transmitter. The NL Series sets a new standard of low frequency, data capable PNT transmitters with outstanding performance, rugged design, and operational ease in the industry’s most compact enclosure. With the addition of the UN-190 Legacy Transmitter Interface, the UN-2000 is also backward compatible to UrsaNav’s Solid-State and New Solid-State Transmitters, as well as all models of Tube-Type Transmiters.

The NL Series also features exceptional pulse stability, 70% efficiency*, and unmatched levels of redundancy with the capability to fully monitor critical system and Lowest Replaceable Unit (LRU) parameters, status and alarms via dual Ethernet ports. The dual Ethernet ports also allow fault diagnosis to be performed to LRU level while the system remains fully operational.

Nautel’s NL Series is the smallest yet most advanced, fully solid state eLoran transmitter available. It is also capable of transmitting Loran and Chayka signals, either in concert with eLoran or separately.

Highlights include:

Scalability from kilowatts to more than one megawatt.
Patented pulse power recovery technique results in outstanding efficiency.
Precise, software definable pulse and modulation control.
Lightweight, hot-swappable, redundant power amplifiers.
Class leading space efficiency.
Significantly reduced cooling requirements.

For more information on the NL Series transmitter, please visit Nautel.com.

For more information on the partnership between UrsaNav and Nautel, please see our white paper entitled “Leadership in Resilient PNT”