Differential Loran Reference Station (DLoran Refsta) Site System

The UN-2200 Differential eLoran Monitor Rack is a complete system including 3 UN-154 Differential eLoran RSIM (RS, IM, & Hot Standby), site server, Keyboard, video display, mouse (KVM), managed network switch, power distribution unit, and 3 eLoran antennas. The rack system is intended to communicate directly to both multiple transmit sites and multiple control and monitor sites dependent upon system configuration. The UN-2200 permits Differential eLoran correction generation, Message formatting and communication with eLoran transmitters, Integrity Monitoring, On-site status and alarm monitoring and control, On-site data storage, Self-diagnosis ,Redundancy and automatic switch-over, and User interface.

Key Features

  • Multipurpose System Monitor configured as a Reference Station (RS)
  • Multipurpose System Monitor configured as an Integrity Monitor (IM)
  • Multipurpose System Monitor configured as Hot Stand-by for either the RS or IM
  • DLoran Station Server with redundant power supply and RAID hard disk storage
  • LCD Display, keyboard, and mouse to control the Local User Interface and DLoran Station server
  • The LCD, keyboard, and mouse can be combined in a single 1U KVM drawer, or with a separately mounted LCD (with handles)
  • Managed Network Switch, with redundant power supply, providing the DLoran Station’s LAN and VPN protected WAN access
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Managed Power Distribution Unit (PDU) equipment