Behind the Bear

The name UrsaNav and our corresponding logo, which originated from the constellation Ursa Major (“The Bear”), signifies our ever-expanding scope and quest to press forward beyond physical and intellectual boundaries—just as the stars are numberless in the sky.

Pioneering New Frontiers

To say UrsaNav pioneers new frontiers is an understatement. Conceiving of innovative solutions to complex problems is one of our primary strengths. The subject matter experts at UrsaNav design inventive and quick turn-around solutions to custom requirements on a daily basis; this is the backbone of the company.

What’s in a name?

We are always asked how we came to name our company “UrsaNav”. The context of ‘Nav’ originates from our start as primarily a navigation company. Although we have evolved into a Positioning, Navigation, and Timing company, our heritage is rooted in all things navigation. Additionally, ‘Ursa’ was derived from the famous constellation Ursa Major, also known as “The Bear” and “The Big Dipper”.