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Our goal is to ensure our customers can support any technology or system that we have provided – throughout its useful life – without relying upon us. We offer Organizational-Level and Depot-Level sparing packages. We can provide the depot and training equipment necessary for the customer to perform their own maintenance and certify their personnel to operate and maintain the equipment and system. We typically provide three levels, or Tiers of service.

We are ready to contract for follow-on support at three levels.

  • Tier I – Includes phone and email assistance over and above that covered under various warranties.
  • Tier II – Covers fly-away service and assistance not covered under warranty.
  • Tier III – Includes dedicated, full-time, on-site or local-area assistance.

We are fully capable of providing different Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Maintenance Support Agreements, depending on customer needs. Optionally, we can adjust our terms as necessary to help customers fulfill their special operational or mission needs.