Chronos Technology, Ltd

Chronos Technology, Ltd. of Gloucestershire, UK is an authorized Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for our OEM Loran and eLoran timing products to support resilient Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) and Interference Detection and Mitigation (IDM) technology in the UK and European Economic Area (EEA).

Chronos TechnologyIn January 2014, Chronos released their newest product, the CTL8200, a combination eLoran and GPS Timing Receiver which enables the user to undertake continuous simultaneous real-time evaluation and analysis of UTC as derived from both the GPS constellation of satellites and selected eLoran stations, all in a single 1U chassis.

The CTL8200 automatically calibrates its own eLoranUTC using GPSUTC on first installation. Thereafter, it outputs a UTC-aligned 1 PPS that is independent of GPS and immune to disruption of GPS by interference, jamming, or spoofing of the GPS signal. Moreover, because the eLoran signal is inherently resilient to the failure or downtime of any individual Loran station, the eLoran signal can be used to determine whether the GPS signal is being spoofed.

The UrsaNav and Chronos partnership is built on earlier success where UrsaNav provided advanced eLoran timing receivers in support of the GAARDIAN and SENTINEL projects. The GAARDIAN project demonstrated that eLoran enables wide-area detection, location, and mitigation of interference and jamming of GNSS signals. As part of the follow-on SENTINEL project, UrsaNav provided Chronos with its next generation Low Frequency (LF) Position, Navigation, Timing, and Data (PNT&D) OEM receiver module, the UN-151 Ursa MitigatorTM.

UrsaNav and Chronos look forward to growing their partnership as they continue to develop products and solutions for IDM and LF APNT&D to help alleviate the issues of relying on GNSS signals in critical infrastructure, such as telecommunications, power distribution, and banking.