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UrsaNav demonstrates precision timing technology indoors at the New York Stock Exchange without external antennas using eLoran

April 19, 2016, UrsaNav in partnership with the Department of homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology (S&T) directorate, US Coast Guard, Juniper Networks and Harris Corporation successfully demonstrated precision timing technology at the New York stock Exchange building on Wall street in the heart of New York City. UrsaNav technology was utilized to successfully demonstrate the power of eLoran for Critical infrastructure protection and to ensure that financial markets can continue to function in the event of a serious GPS disruption. Precise synchronized time is needed in all financial markets to ensure the smooth operation of our financial system and the ability of eLoran to provide a precise synchronized timing reference traceable to UTC without the use of GPS or the need for external antennas provides a powerful combination.

Find the full press release at the link below:

Read the full presentation (PDF, 6 MB)

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