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Cooperative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA) Efforts

UrsaNav entered into a Cooperative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the US Coast Guard (USCG), and Harris Corporation to research, evaluate, and document eLoran technology as a candidate for providing position, navigation, and timing (PNT) information. eLoran will be evaluated as a potential complementary system to the current Global Positioning System (GPS) currently in wide use throughout the world. The capabilities and potential utilization methods of eLoran will be explored in depth, to identify all strengths, capacities, and potential vulnerabilities of the technology.

UrsaNav believes that there is a potentially viable market, in both the public and private domain, for an alternative PNT service that is independent of GPS signal reception or which can be used in GPS-denied environments. The overall goal of the Cooperative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA) is to demonstrate eLoran’ s ability to meet PNT needs in regards to providing redundancy and resiliency to critical infrastructure, by testing positioning accuracy, messaging and timing signal capabilities using either Loran legacy facilities updated to eLoran standards, or new eLoran facilities in the United States. The agreement also encourages exercises of eLoran timing, emergency messaging services, and position capabilities in regional emergency response scenarios using Cooperative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA) resources.

Below find our latest CRADA materials sharing insider details to current initiatives and outreach.


eLoran Transmitter On Air Test Periods

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Here you will find the latest eLoran transmitter activity at Wildwood, NJ and Dana, IN sites. Check this page out regularly for the latest on air notifications.

The Wildwood, NJ eLoran transmitter will be continuously broadcasting from 0900 (EST) on 06 February 2017 through 1200 (EST) on 31 March 2017.

Wildwood will be broadcasting as 8970 Master and Secondary most of the time but occasionally may operate at other rates.

Tentatively, the next scheduled on air period for Wildwood is February 1st through March 31st 2017