Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Partners in Success


The power of the bear has led us to become one of HP’s most successful partners; a preferred partner, in fact. Whether it’s comprehensive software solutions, document and records management, e-mail management, web content management, imaging, workflow, or document-centric collaboration, we can bring the power of the bear to your workplace. UrsaNav has plenty of “street cred”: our staff has successfully deployed TRIM (aka HP Records Manager) for over 13 years. Check out this video to learn more about how we put the human in information with Papa John’s Pizza.



HP Autonomy


Autonomy delivers the next generation Human Information Management platform enabling organizations to manage not only structured data from databases, but also emails, audio, video, social networking, blogs, call center conversations, sensor data, and more. More than 80% of all data in enterprises is unstructured, and Gartner predicts that by 2012, 50% of all content will be visual rather than textual.

The solution to accessing and processing all structured and unstructured information:

  • IDOL 10 provides a single processing layer for forming a conceptual, contextual, and real-time understanding of all forms of data - both inside and outside an enterprise.
  • This new platform combines Autonomy's infrastructure software for automatically processing and understanding unstructured data with HP's high-performance real-time archiving and analytics engine for structured data.
  • Manage-in-place technology indexes all data where it resides...eliminating the challenges of copying, storing, and human intervention.


Autonomy's unique Meaning-Based platform enables organizations to seamlessly incorporate untapped resources, such as phone recordings and emails, into their corporate strategy and benefit from a single point of access to all of their information.

             Keith Dawson, Research Analyst



HP Records Manager (formerly HP TRIM)


UrsaNav helps customers take the risk out of harnessing records with HP Records Manager (formerly HP TRIM), which has been battle-tested in the commercial and government sectors. With over 70% of all documents created electronically, HP Records Manager will help you manage electronic records with a vision of the physical records as well. Your business may depend on your ability to discover the right records…and HP Records Manager does this by delivering:


  • Business Process Management
  • Contracts Management Solutions
  • Case Management Solutions
  • Document and Records Management Solutions
  • Document Imaging and Conversion
  • E-mail Management
  • Physical Records and Asset Tracking