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Innovation Drives Customer Success

logo_GLAUrsaNav successfully designed and delivered another innovative new product to the General Lighthouse Authorities of the United Kingdom and Ireland (GLAs for short). Earlier this year, the GLAs tendered for a
multi-source navigation receiver in support of an international multiyear effort known as ACCSEAS. ACCSEAS, funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the European Union INTERREG North Sea Region program, aims to develop an e-Navigation test bed within the North Sea through which potential e-Navigation services and systems can be demonstrated to a wide stakeholder community in Europe. One area being considered is resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) information and how future e-Navigation services will rely on this information.

UrsaNav won the competition to design and provide an initial allotment of UN-155 Resilient PNT receivers. The GLAs ended up increasing the size of the order and UrsaNav delivered 12 units on time and within budget. These units are currently being deployed by the GLAs on ferries that traverse the English Channel and within their own fleet of ATON work boats as a test bed for eLoran and Resilient PNT. The GLAs have said that although it is still early in the deployment cycle, “we are pleased with the system”, and as they begin to deploy the units to more vessels and gain more operational experience with multi source navigation we will continue to gather feedback on the usability and reliability of the design. This feedback will inform the design of the next generation of Resilient PNT receivers.

 This innovative new product can use PNT information from multiple sources including Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), eLoran, as well as medium frequency beacon systems. The UN-155 also contains an embedded Windows PC which allows for easy updating of the software to use new algorithms for resilient PNT and providing a robust navigation or timing output. Just another great example of how our capabilities help improve our customers capabilities.

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