Business & Technical Analysis

Business & Technical AnalysisBusiness & Technical Analysis supports aspects of an acquisition, program or project which strives to make sense of the various inputs, outputs, controls, and mechanisms. The size and complexity of the effort will dictate the degree of the analysis: what disciplines should be addressed, the amount of resources (time, money, people) required, the level of stakeholder participation, and the importance placed on the results and recommendations. Analysis helps separate “the forest from the trees”,  allowing organizations to develop a solid road map for development, implementation, execution, and support.

Customer Features

We understand different tasks require a certain amount of analysis, from purchasing a computer to acquiring a new fleet of ships, organizations must understand the business and technical implications in order to maximize success. From major acquisitions and programs to smaller-scale projects, fully understanding the requirements and impacts is extremely challenging given the size, complexity, and inter-connectedness of today’s procurements. Organizations have a difficult time incorporating an appropriate analysis strategy because the process is not well understood and typically under-funded. When conducted by internal personnel, analysis is often hampered by a lack of resources and by internal and political issues. We provide the personnel who can augment this type of support and deliver the requisite analysis needed to make informed decisions. Our extensive and diverse experience implementing and supporting programs and projects allows us to provide in-depth and insightful analysis support, along with unbiased recommendations, working alongside our clients as a trusted partner focused on success.

Customer Benefits

Organizations can reduce risk and improve their opportunity for success by applying a well-planned and thorough analysis strategy as part of their acquisition, program and project planning, and execution by identifying and addressing issues from the start, when they are small and easily manageable. UrsaNav provides subject matter experts, both in-house and off-site, to help organizations identify, document, and understand complex objectives and requirements. Our experts offer support with integration and interoperability issues, technology needs and technical feasibility, and cost and risk implications.