Acquisition Planning & Support

Acquisition Planning, Support, Management and Strategy Acquisition Planning & Support involves many aspects of Program/Project management, but on a larger scale. This incorporates the business and technical aspects of contract, procurement, and financial management...a true “discipline of disciplines”. Acquisitions involve many disciplines and stakeholders and can span decades, involving a continuous cycle of planning, production, and support. Acquisition Management, especially pertaining to “systems”, is the application of these disciplines and a set of fundamental approaches that employ rigorous business rules and best practices to minimize risk.

Customer Features

We help guide government and corporate organizations that must apply sound methodologies, a comprehensive strategy, and best practices to major procurements in order to meet various requirements (e.g., business, technical, financial, and legal) and minimize risk. Managing major acquisitions calls for the use of an assortment of diverse, interrelated, and dynamic disciplines that must come together efficiently in order to be successfully applied.

Customer Benefits

Major acquisitions can impact the very foundation of an organization, for good or for bad, and, in the case of government organizations, can have tremendous financial and political ramifications. Acquisition Management support provides organizations with a structured and regulated approach to ensure major acquisition strategies are aligned with the various business management processes of finance, law, operations, marketing, and technical management. Best practices provide a foundation for the acquisition process discipline that will enable organizations to anticipate and minimize issues, accomplish their mission-critical business objectives, and provide the appropriate solutions to their customers in a timely manner. Our past performance in the area of Acquisition Planning & Support has significantly helped customers perform more effectively and efficiently.