Web-based Applications Services

UrsaNav- Web Based AppsUrsaNav creates, deploys and maintains customized applications which can be capitalized to meet your requirements and improve your business. Our team employs methodologies that can support the development of systems of all types and sizes. From small single user applications, to larger feature rich web sites and applications, all the way up to large enterprise wide solutions, UrsaNav can scale the technologies and development methodology to fit to the needs of our clients. We have particular expertise developing complex web-based, database driven applications. Customers demand applications that are intuitive, functional, and responsive. Our developers can design and construct your applications from the ground up or improve the ones you already have. Our web developers will create applications that are intuitive, insightful, standout and are user-friendly. We have developed complex features for high traffic public websites as well as for complex intranet company sites. We support all of the major web environments including PHP, .Net, ColdFusion, and Java. We utilize all of the major databases including ORACLE, SQL*Server and Sybase. We specialize in the more complicated applications and websites with database and application links. Ensuring your applications and websites stay up is a high priority for us. All applications and website upgrades are thoroughly tested to prevent or reduce system downtime. In the event that your applications or websites become unavailable, we offer support to get you up and running.