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Gain Perspective


Manage 100% of your business information with a framework that allows you to see the big picture. Consider a Meaning-Based approach to effectively managing content with the power of UrsaNav and HP. Together, we raise information management technology to the next level, one with proven results in public and private enterprises all over the world. Our collaboration joins industry-leading HP software tools, like Records Manager, with UrsaNav’s focused team of implementation and support experts.


A single point of access to all of your information provides a “big picture” approach to your data. HP’s Meaning-Based platform allows users to seamlessly incorporate resources like phone recordings and emails into a single point of access, changing the landscape of how you shape, share, and store your records.


HP Records Manager 8.0


HP Records Manager (formerly HP TRIM software) is a scalable enterprise document and records management solution that simplifies the capture, management, security, and access to your information in business context. HP Records Manager 8.0 is designed to the International Standard of Records Management (ISO 15489:2001), and elements of ISO16175: Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments.


Key benefits

  • Comply with governance and regulations and be prepared for e-discovery
  • Secure your business records from inappropriate access and misuse
  • Reduce storage and operational cost through retention and disposal policies
  • Higher productivity and transparency with enhanced classification and search
  • Reduce the cost of legal discovery, investigation and audit


HP Records Manager 8.0 is a next-generation, scalable, electronic document and records management solution (EDRMS) designed to meet the needs of government and regulated industries, on a global scale. As a cornerstone of HP’s Information Governance Framework, HP Records Manager enables secure management and access to help you manage large volumes of information across the enterprise.