Mission, Vision & Values

UrsaNav is guided by the belief that if we “Follow the Stars,” which entails going beyond boundaries and exploring all possibilities, the company will continue to develop innovative, ground-breaking solutions. By extending our mission and capabilities to diverse technological realms, incredible and positive transformations have resulted. The vision of success and mission to pursue excellence is sustained by a highly-skilled and ambitious workforce. The people of UrsaNav are motivated by a core set of values and a shared focus on achieving operational excellence, performing for clients and exceeding their expectations, and leading the way in technology.


Our Motto:


Follow the Stars!


Our Mission:


UrsaNav is a diversified technology company focused on delivering innovative engineering, information technology, and associated professional services and solutions. We are committed to improving the operational capabilities of our customers worldwide.


Our Vision:


We “Reach for the Stars!” by:

  • Employing imaginative, empowered, entrepreneurial-minded professionals;
  • Providing opportunities to turn problems into solutions and ideas into products;
  • Investing in our customers, our company, and, most importantly, ourselves; and
  • Delivering uncompromising quality in a fun, friendly, and respectful environment.


Our Values:


  1. We are Paid, Professional, Adults.
  2. We want to have fun. We work hard and play hard. (Smiling is encouraged.)
  3. We will contribute up to our ability and capacity to help everyone successfully achieve the goal(s) of the team, the customer, and the company.
  4. No one person is more important or critical than another.
  5. All ideas and viewpoints have merit, and we shall not be personally derided for presenting opposing ideas. (Laughing out loud is OK!)
  6. We should never be afraid to say we don’t know or understand the task at hand. We should seek assistance from anyone within the company without fear of ridicule.
  7. We will inform others as soon as we become aware that we cannot complete our individual or team task(s). (Although showing up is important; just showing up is not enough.)
  8. We can poke fun at one another, and at our company, but never in a manner that could be interpreted as a personal attack.
  9. We are honest and forthright, and firmly stand by our convictions. However, we bow to the will of the team once a decision is made.
  10. Any conflict will be open and honest, yet non-threatening, either physically or mentally.
  11. We will persevere to share individual strengths and overcome individual weaknesses.
  12. We are loyal; to each other, to our company, and to our customers.