About Us

ursanav_logoOur Mission

Ursanav is committed to improving the operational capabilities of our clients and providing exceptional value to the world wide users of our technology. As the world’s leading supplier of Low Frequency (LF) Complementary Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) solutions and associated professional services, we strive every day to make the world a safer and more prosperous place.

Our Vision

  • Provide solutions that create resiliency in the world’s critical transportation, telecommunications, electricity, and financial infrastructure;
  • Create empowered, entrepreneurial-minded teams who turn problems into solutions and ideas into products;
  • Invest in our clients, our company, and, most importantly, ourselves; and
  • Deliver uncompromising quality in a fun, friendly, and respectful environment.

Our Values

  • We are Paid, Professional Adults who want to make the world a safer place;
  • We respect and admire creativity and hard work;
  • The best solutions come from a free marketplace of ideas and concepts;
  • We only succeed when the team succeeds as a whole;
  • We want to have fun. We work hard and play hard; and
  • Honesty and integrity are very difficult to regain once they are traded away

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