About Us

UrsaNav - Follow the Stars

UrsaNav is a diversified technology company focused on delivering innovative engineering, information technology (IT), and associated professional services and solutions. We are, and always have been, committed to improving the operational capabilities of our customers—worldwide. Since our inception in 2004, the vision of supplying the government and commercial sectors with a full suite of end-to-end solutions has enabled us to grow in both size and scope of work.

From whence we came…

UrsaNav and its characteristic collaborative spirit originated from a personal relationship between its majority owners, Charles (Chuck) A. Schue, III and Randall (Randy) E. Hall. In 2004, these two former U.S. Coast Guard colleagues were presented with the opportunity to purchase the assets of a California-based products company’s east coast operations. Simultaneously, the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business program was becoming a viable differentiator in the government space. This valuable classification was a welcome recognition for these two esteemed veterans. Determined for UrsaNav to be a force in diverse technological realms, with a global reach, the owners charted a course that encompassed a disciplined but multi-focused approach. To fulfill their goal, subject matter experts from the fields of information technology, advanced engineering, information management solutions, and professional services were hired—expanding UrsaNav’s product and services portfolio. With UrsaNav’s continual growth, both in size and range of services, comes recognition by industry peers and competitors and a steady flow of business opportunities. The emphasis on pursuing excellence by UrsaNav’s “team” of employees, who devise the innovative solutions, market the technology, and fulfill customers service needs, epitomizes the company motto “Follow the Stars”.